Coloring Books

Adult coloring books have made a dramatic difference to the lives of many adults.

No longer are coloring books seen as something children do. In the modern world of highly stressed employment stress is a part of many people’s lives.

High blood pressure is fast becoming a real problem for many people.

Coloring is now used as an aid to relieving stress in adults, many of whom claim this method of relieving stress is both pleasurable and the benefits tangible. There coloring efforts can be seen in their albums or wall hangings.

The proof of the popularity of adult coloring books in shown in the numbers sold. Millions of these types of books are sold each year. The number of coloring books for adults sold is increasing at a massive rate. One author alone has sold over two million books in two years. The majority recently.

Adult coloring books can be used anywhere, at anytime and require no special tools. The financial outlay is minimal, a few colored pencils or ink markers are all that is required to start coloring. Some authors allow copying of their images to enable the buyer to color the images over and over in different colors and techniques. Paints, ink pens, colored pencils or even grey shading.

Adult coloring books can be used all year round, winter, spring, summer, fall. Many books offer images that cover a wide range of difficulty levels. If time is limited a simple easy image can be colored, more difficult ones can be saved for longer time periods. Some images may take several days to complete, such is the complexity of some designs.

Designs can feature mandala’s, which have been used for centuries by eastern religions as a means to aid meditation. These are often decorated with sands which blow away with the passing of time, demonstrating that nothing is forever. simple patterns often form whole books as do drawings of cities, buildings or landscapes. Some drawn from imagination, others from modified photographs.

To start your first coloring book you will need:

  • Coloring tools of your choice, colored pencils, colored ink pens or paints
  • A sheet of paper to place beneath the page you are coloring, this prevents bleed through or denting of the image below the one you are coloring.
  • A coloring book, there are many to choose from, try adult coloring books from redberryquizbooks.