Pocket Size Coloring Book Advantages

Pocket size coloring book advantages are many.

Pocketbook images are usually the same images as those in the larger book of the same title. However, smaller images create a more intricate design that you can enjoy coloring more than a larger image.


A vacation is a perfect time for you to stretch your imagination in color as you have so much free time available to you.

The smaller spaces of a pocket size coloring book produce small color blocks within the design, consequentially you will need greater precision in your coloring. This feature will bring a greater enjoyment than a larger book design would.


A small size pocket coloring book is perfect for traveling because it is both small and light.

The number of coloring pens needed to color an image can be reduced to a minimum with a smaller book. The spaces are smaller in a pocket size book than in a large image. A pocket-size coloring book does not require so many colors to create lovely colored images.

Fewer pens are perfect for traveling because they are lighter and take less space to carry than those needed for larger designs.

Coloring Media:

Coloring a large sized coloring book needs a lot of colors to create a beautiful diagram you can be proud of. A smaller image offers the ability to use a smaller amount of colors in your image. Each coloring section is smaller and closer to the next section of color in a pocket color book image. Your imagination is free to go wild and invent anything you fancy in a smaller range of colors. Less space and weight in your bag is also a success story.

White Space:

While you are on vacation or just traveling you may have more time for you to enjoy coloring, consequently you will be able to explore your artistic side more fully and may wish to add to the printed images. To facilitate your doodling, sufficient white space is provided around each image for you to doodle.

Inner Peace Book Images vol 1, 2 &3
Inner Peace volume 1
Inner Peace volume 2
Inner Peace volume 3

Like to see more information? See Books Here http://www.redberryquizbooks.com/adult-coloring-books/coloring-books-catalogue/

Inner Peace Volume 3 Coloring Book 55 Mandala Images

The third book in the Inner Peace coloring book series of mandala images is released today and on sale on Amazon worldwide.

This book contains 55 mandala style designs that are both of normal and intricate levels. Everyone will enjoy coloring these images.

The book is now available in right and left hand versions in both full size and pocket versions.

The video below demonstrates most of the images available within the pages of this coloring book.

All Redberry Quiz Book coloring books are copyright, however, the original owner is given permission to copy each image as often as they wish to color over and over or to just keep the book pristine.

It has taken a long time for this book to follow volume 2. Originally it was expected to follow within a month or two. There is many a slip between cup and mouth. The book is here now and hopefully, you will enjoy coloring these images yourself.

If you liked the look of the book here are the links to help you get to it on Amazon.

Full-size Versions Right Handed

https://www.amazon.com/dp/1535413883 Amazon US

https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1535413883 Amazon UK

Full-Size versions Left Handed

https://www.amazon.com/dp/1546366245 Amazon US

https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1546366245 Amazon UK

Pocket size Right-Hand versions

https://www.amazon.com/dp/1547093722 Amazon US

https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1547093722 Amazon UK

Pocket size Left-Hand versions

https://www.amazon.com/dp/1547188448 Amazon.com

https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1547188448 Amazon UK



Redberry Quiz Books have a Youtube channel where videos of coloring books can be seen YouTube

Redberry Quiz Books have a Facebook Page for coloring books. Facebook

Redberry Quiz Books have a twitter account for coloring books. Twitter

A free book is also available and a new image to color every two weeks. Full details can be found here

Use Word Search Books Many Times

For you to use a word search book many times will need a slightly different approach, to the normal method, of circling the words as they are found within the puzzle grid to be taken.

Circling each creates two disadvantages. The first disadvantage is that the puzzle can not be used again. The second is that the puzzle gets easier as the words are found.


By using a slightly different technique, the book is available many times, while the difficulty is retained throughout the puzzle. Now you may ask why you would want to do the same puzzle again. Well, you could wait a year or so before going back to it, a year is plenty of time to have forgotten the positions of the words. A different use could be to pass on the book to friends or family. In this way, the book could be used by you or your dozens of times.

The technique is not special, it’s not even my technique it was shown to me by someone who consumes word search books at an amazing rate. She uses the technique with friends so that they each person only need buy one book, but between the group, the puzzles of 8 books are available. Great value!

The very simple technique is to put a small mark next to each word as it is found. The puzzle is not marked just the found words have a small mark of some type next to them. Each person searching the puzzle uses a different mark or a similar mark in a different color. This is very easy to do and saves the book for another day or person to use in the future.

Care Needed

Be careful when marking the words as some word search books have low-quality paper that can easily rip. This is not an issue with Redberry Quiz Book paper. Make sure you check the paper quality when purchasing your word search books.

wordsearch puzzle books series 300 book 1



Word Search Puzzles Super Size Puzzle Book

101 Word Search Puzzles.

That’s how many word search puzzles are found in this new word search book, from Red Berry Quiz Books.

The book is supersized, allowing a large letter grid to be used with over 25 words to find in every puzzle. The hidden words inside the puzzles, cover subjects such as insects, animals, places, food, vehicles, events and many more. Plus some puzzles have extra hidden words you may or may not find.

At 11 inches by 8.5 inches this really is a large-sized book, no dropping this one on the floor.

Released today November 3 2016 and available from Amazon worldwide, plus many other booksellers worldwide, it won’t be hard to find.

word search puzzles book series 300 book 1More details can be found here http://viewBook.at/Wordsearch-300-1

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Puzzle Books A Puzzle For Everyone

Puzzle books are slightly different to quiz books and even more fun.

Quiz books tend to ask questions and ask for answers.

Puzzle books can ask questions but more usually ask for something to be solved such as:

  • A Sudoku puzzle
  • Find a way through a maze
  • Complete a crossword
  • Acrostic Puzzles are very interesting
  • Kakuru puzzles if you like numbers.

There are many more types of puzzle that you can enjoy.

Many of which will be added here in the future.

For a puzzle to be fun it needs to have surprises. Word search books from Red Berry quiz books not only have the words written for you, but several other words can often be found within the puzzle grids.

This element makes a whole book even more fun as you won’t know if you have extra words or not. Frustrating? Yes of course, it is a puzzle book!


Coloring Images & Color Choices

Coloring images create calm and relaxation. This video inspires the colors that can be used and how. The colors are not in images, they are designed to provide the inspiration we all sometimes need.

Coloring is very relaxing, however watch the colors change in this video to see if you find yourself relaxing as you watch.

These images are taken from Inner Peace volume 1, by Peter Clark.

Relax and enjoy the calming experience.

Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are provided free of charge by joining the redberry coloring books mailing list for coloring pages. These have proven to be very popular and continue to be so.

Coloring pages are not so convenient on vacation. They easily become creased and are a little large when travelling or on a beach.

For such times there are smaller versions of Redberry Coloring Books specifically for when traveling. In fact all Redberry coloring books are available in both right and left hand pocket versions. There are also pocket version only coloring books that provide more than enough coloring pages to suit any length of trip.

Incidentally there is no price difference between left and right hand versions of any of these popular books. SEE MORE

So are you a home colorist or does your coloring go with you as you travel. For many any spare time is taken up coloring. Travelling introduces traditions, colors and ways of life different to our own.

Such experiences push us to think differently, which leads us to discover new ideas to pursue in our coloring. Why not color and image before you go, then either color the same image again while away or when you get back. See the difference in how you color. Is it brighter, more colorful, more vibrant or just the same. Try it out and see if travel really does broaden horizons.


Inner Peace Vol 2 Pocket Edition Right Hand
Inner Peace Vol 2 Pocket Edition Right Hand


Left, Right, Pocket Coloring Books

Left, Right, Pocket Coloring Books

All redberry coloring books have been produced in left and right handed versions from day one. With summer approaching all though as I write this it doesn’t feel like it. all redberry coloring books are now available in left and right hand pocket coloring books.

Some are available in dedicated pocket versions. So when the summer comes, you have the opportunity to continue coloring wherever you are. you can color on the plane, on the train, on a coach or bus. In fact as long as you aren’t driving you can color anywhere. Of course the beach is a great place to color as you relax under a beach umbrella.

Left handed coloring books ensure that your comfort is always assured when coloring a redberry coloring book. With a coloring book it is easy to turn it upside down to color an image however why should you need to? Printing costs are no more expensive for a left handed book, than a right handed book. For exactly the same price both left and right handed books ensure you always get the same book to suit your comfort.

To find out the range of left, right, Pocket coloring books and see videos of the internal pages check them out here.


Inner Calm Pocket Edition LH Coloring Book

Inner Calm Pocket Edition Coloring Book LH is now available.

Inner Calm Pocket Edition Coloring Book LH is the pocket edition of the full-sized coloring book. The same pattern images to delight your coloring desires, and not only in a small handbag sized edition, this version is in left-handed guise too.

Inner Calm Pocket Edition Coloring Book LHNo longer will you have to struggle across the fold or turn your book upside down to enjoy it. In fact all Redberry  Coloring Books are available in left hand versions and at no extra cost, as you have come to expect from redberryquizbooks.com.

Vacations, on the beach, on your hotel balcony, on the train. In fact wherever your travels take you. You can be sure that your favorite hobby can go with you.

Take a look here for more information on this book. Or go here for a video showing the whole of the images.Video Here

A right hand version is also available containing exactly the same images and in pocket-sized edition.

Books Just For You

Books Just For You