Use Word Search Books Many Times

For you to use a word search book many times will need a slightly different approach, to the normal method, of circling the words as they are found within the puzzle grid to be taken.

Circling each creates two disadvantages. The first disadvantage is that the puzzle can not be used again. The second is that the puzzle gets easier as the words are found.


By using a slightly different technique, the book is available many times, while the difficulty is retained throughout the puzzle. Now you may ask why you would want to do the same puzzle again. Well, you could wait a year or so before going back to it, a year is plenty of time to have forgotten the positions of the words. A different use could be to pass on the book to friends or family. In this way, the book could be used by you or your dozens of times.

The technique is not special, it’s not even my technique it was shown to me by someone who consumes word search books at an amazing rate. She uses the technique with friends so that they each person only need buy one book, but between the group, the puzzles of 8 books are available. Great value!

The very simple technique is to put a small mark next to each word as it is found. The puzzle is not marked just the found words have a small mark of some type next to them. Each person searching the puzzle uses a different mark or a similar mark in a different color. This is very easy to do and saves the book for another day or person to use in the future.

Care Needed

Be careful when marking the words as some word search books have low-quality paper that can easily rip. This is not an issue with Redberry Quiz Book paper. Make sure you check the paper quality when purchasing your word search books.

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